Polygon feed (http://www.polygon.com/rss/index.xml ) erratically generates bad links into rss subdirectory

I follow Polygon’s feed at http://www.polygon.com/rss/index.xml . Sometimes, but not always, when I open the actual article, instead of going to the correct location, I’ll be taken to a non-existent page. For example, a recent post should have taken me to http://www.polygon.com/2014/5/9/56991… but actually took me to http://www.polygon.com/rss///www.poly…

What’s really weird is that if I go back to NewsBlur and try to open the article again, it usually (always?) works as expected! This makes reproducing the behavior difficult. I’m not reloading the feed or NewsBlur, so I don’t think that the feed changed in the meanwhile.

I believe I’ve seen this behavior on all three of the official NewsBlur platforms: Web (I’m using Firefox), Android (my phone), and iOS (my tablet). I typically open pages on the web with “v”, on Android by clicking the title, and on iOS by clicking the globe (? I think. I don’t have access to my tablet at the moment).

I follow a 584 feeds, and I believe that the Polygon feed is the only place I’ve seen this behavior.

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Hrm, it looks like the “Continue reading” link at the bottom of each article is bad on Polygon’s end. It’s possible that that is what I’ve actually been clicking. I may be running on autopilot, and when I notice the bad link I “try again,” actually varying what I’ve done and so it works. I’m going to tentatively call this, “Polygon’s link is broken and Alan isn’t very observant.” I’d be okay with this being closed; I’ll reopen or create a new ticket if I find otherwise.