Polycount.com Feed never exceed 200 items (Exactly), older items disappear?

The feed for the Polycount forum never has more than 200 items (exactly) when I look at it with Newsblur. I think the last item in it is younger than the normal sunset period, and much younger than the sunset period is with my premium account, IIRC.

Another RSS reader (InoReader) that I just checked for this site showed 634 unread items. All it takes is for me to not check the feed for a week and I already start losing posts.

Is the problem with the feed or with Newsblur?

Feed: http://www.polycount.com/forum/extern…

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If a feed has a certain amount of unread items, Newsblur starts dropping them even though the regular timeout period has not been reached yet. Since I don’t have any such high-volume feeds I’m not absolutely sure how the numbers go, it might be 200 for less popular feeds and 500 for more popular, or simply dependant on your premium status.

Well that may be, since the feed only has a dozen or so other subscribers. Other feeds i’m subbed to have gone as high as triple that number and may even go higher with longer sunset periods.

Is this info available somewhere?

I’m not completely sure about the 200 limit for one-subscriber-only feeds; other than that, Emma’s answer should be correct.
This limit doesn’t change if you’re a paying user (I’d suggest it should).

Here are some other discussions about feed limits.
I’ve been grouping them together by using the “Limitations” tag.