politicalwire articles often show same (ancient) marketing text

The iOS app often shows marketing content for PoliticalWire articles. This never happens when visiting the NewsBlur site from a desktop browser. I have never seen this behavior for any other site.

Here is the content that is being shown for the article at URL: https://politicalwire.com/2017/03/25/bonus-quote-day-115/

It _may_ only happen when story titles are re-used. I don’t think that they’re reusing GUIDs or URLs or anything else.

When I first visit the article I briefly see the actual story content before it is replaced with this marketing text. Again, iOS only.

I have looked at the RSS and this replacement text does not appear in the feed. It may have appeared once, a long time ago. 

My workaround has been to visit the article with the browser whenever I see this text.

This is not a new problem. Sorry for not reporting it sooner.

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Tap the Story button in the bottom left to return to the the Feed view. The Text view is pulling that marketing content because it can’t figure out what the story really is.