Podcast subscription option on Firefox

When I use the “Add To Firefox” button in Goodies, Newsblur is registered as an application option only for the content type “Web Feed” and not for “Podcast” or “Video Podcast”.

Since I follow a few video podcasts with Newsblur, it would be nice to have it as a subscription option when I visit a podcast feed.

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Brilliant idea! Thanks so much for bringing this up. I added the appropriate rss/xml handlers, so if you go back into Goodies and retry the Firefox add-on, it should register the additional handlers.

Actually… This seems to still not register for me. I *think* I used to not encounter this problem until I was forced to reset my toolbars to default. At least it had never come up, and I do have a number of podcasts on my blogroll - might have added them manually though, it’s a while since there were significant changes to my blogroll.

I did retry the add-on after the reset and web feeds work as always, but podcasts don’t. I had never checked before but looking now into options/applications it indeed doesn’t register for the podcasts. Any ideas?

Looks like it’s a known issue in Firefox for a long, long time: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug…. Unfortunately that means that there is no content handler that I can register that will work. This would be a good way to contribute to Firefox if you know how to code.

I can code a snake eating its tail in Basic on my Spectrum in the basement, would that do it? :wink: Thanks for looking into it though, at least now I know. And happy new year!