Pocket integration

Will be great to have Pocket (Read it later) integration with quick icon, same as Instapaper should be a quick icon near the story.


Yup, we totally have Pocket integration. Check Manage > Preferences. It’s there alright.

This doesn’t work for me. I have Pocket checked in preferences, but when I right click and save to Pocket, I get a link back to NewsBlur with no access to the original story. For now I’m opening the web version of an article and saving to Pocket with a browser extension…as if there is no NewsBlur/Pocket integration at all.

it works fine for me atm… I checked it in firefox …

I figured it out now. Was doing it wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still…any one click options in the works? Either way I add an article to pocket, I have to open a new tab. I’d really like to skip that step, like I could in Google Reader.

That requires full OAuth, which is one of my top 5 priorities post redesign.

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