Please update the mobile version to also include The River Of News

Can you please update the mobile version to also include The River Of News.

I read half of my feeds on my mobile device and the Android App is not really good. A mobile version is also always preferred by me because always is fastest and more responsive.


Just wondering, what do you dislike about Blar? It has only few features, that’s true, but I still prefer it instead of the mobile website. By the way, it would be very cool if an offical Android app would be released, equal to the iPhone app.

Blar is Ok but its also very basic. I miss to be able to slide to the right in stead of pressing a button in order to advance to the next story and I would like to enter to the River Of News right away (without going via all feeds - all updated fees and then to the actual page). has also a good and simple solution for the mobile website implementation…
The only real advantage of a app would be to be to enable offline reading which would be great…

From what I’ve heard from the developer of Blar, a new version is coming soon which should bring some new features (maybe intelligence training?).

Anyway, the mobile version you are referring to is an abandoned prototype. It doesn’t actually mark your stories as read. I only built it to see if it was feasible. It’s too slow and doesn’t work well at all. There are a few other mobile options, but they are not being actively developed either. (Search GitHub for NewsBlur.)