Please, PLEASE can we have a "block user" option?


 I know I can mute conversations, but that doesn’t help when I’m having a conversation with multiple people, and one particular person is harassing me. PLEASE implement this.


Have you considered changing your blog privacy to protected? That only allows people you explicitly allow to follow you to reply to you as well.


That would help some, but not when I’m commenting on someone else’s post. Or when public comments show up on, say, a comic I subscribe to on Newsblur.


+1 on this feature.


Please implement this. We have trolls now.


Yes, strong +1 on this.


Yes, three years later, I’m still wishing for this option. It’s not an unreasonable request.


I very much agree with others on the need to be able to block trolls, particularly when so much trolling is going on in social media in these highly politicized times. It’s one thing to have an intelligent discussion over disagreements, it’s another when the discussion is baseless noise or, as mentioned by others, harassment.

To me, this is becoming a must-have feature of social media to filter out substance from noise.

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