Please add full screen button to embedded YouTube videos

Well, the title says it all.
In Newsblur, YouTube videos embedded in a feed, will show up without the full screen button, even though the video has one on the site it was embedded on, has one.


I believe this has to do with YouTube explicitly limiting it. I use their player, not my own, and they changed a policy a couple months back.

From looking at the API, it seems that there is: See
The API Documentation, Section Parameters-All YouTube player parameters-fs

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Yes,as far as I see, this should be possible to implement.

Ok, I took a much longer look at it and while the docs say it was OK, my initial testing showed that it wasn’t. When I looked deeper into the issue I found that the allowfullscreen attribute was being stripped out by my sanitizer. Removing that fixed the issue. I also ensuring that all videos have full screen controls, regardless of youtube’s default player.

This will possibly only affect new stories but may fix the most recent three stories.


I’m glad to hear that this is possible. But I am experiencing new problems after this change.
All new youtube feed stories look like this:

i.e. the whole embedded video is now gone. I have disabled all my extensions and I’m running on Chrome Version 42.0.2311.135 m (64-bit).

Seems you need to set a height for .fluid-width-video-wrapper

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