Plans for offline mode in Android app?

I’d love to see offline mode in the Android app. Do we know if this is something the developers are working on? It’s an important feature for me. I’ve used GrazeRSS, which uses Newsblur’s back end and has offline mode, but I find the Newsblur app is better in so many ways, except offline mode.


Awesome. Looking forward to it!!

Yeah me too. Then I can go 100% newsblur instead of relying on multiple RSS readers depending on my location!

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Any update on this item? Android app has come a long way in the past 3 months.

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New Premium user here.

I just installed the Android app. Very disappointing to discover there’s no offline support.

Hopefully this is now of the highest priorities?

While we wait there’s GrazeRSS:…

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I’d add that my support and gratitude for development on this feature - thank you for the reassurance.

Great service, by the by. I use Newsblur daily and am really satisfied with it!

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Development is currently in progress.


Yep, definitely plans. But first the Android app has to stabilize and get some more higher priority features in.