Pitchfork reviews Text view improvements


I read album reviews from the music review site Pitchfork, and while the text view works great to read the review content, there are a few pieces of information that I’d love to be included in the view. I’m not sure what that process is like (if the text view parser is totally abstracted, or has adapters for some particular sites), but here’s what a review looks like within Newsblur:

And here’s the page on Pitchfork itself:

The pieces of information that I’d love to see within Newsblur are the album image, the “score” of the album (the number in the circle there on the right), and the capsule review (that first paragraph of larger text).

Here’s the url I’ve been using: https://pitchfork.com/rss/reviews/albums/

Thank you for the consideration!

I’d be happy to support this change if you (or somebody who knows html and JS) can make the change upstream in Mercury Reader. Here’s how to write a custom parser, it’s not terribly difficult:

Oh, awesome, this seems right in my wheelhouse; I’ll take a look! Thanks, Sam!

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Here’s the pull request for adding a Pitchfork extractor to Mercury Parser. It was, indeed, a piece of cake!

Nice! Did you use a template or another site?

That repo has an excellent yarn command to spin up a new extractor — it creates a stub extractor file and a test file with failing tests; all you have to do is make them pass!

Hey Sam,

The pitchfork extractor has been merged into master in Mercury Parser: https://github.com/postlight/mercury-parser/pull/439!

I’m actually headed out of town for a bit so I won’t be able to reply for a bit, but I’m happy to help out if there’s anything else I can do to get this into Newsblur!

Best wishes,

Deployed! Old articles will be cached but new articles should get the latest. Let me know how that works out.

Ok I deleted all the caches but I can’t find any stories with the new format: https://www.newsblur.com/site/5346497/pitchfork

Nevermind, found the correct feed, but it’s still not working. I’m looking into it and will report back.

Ohh, it looks like the score is just a field in the parser and not added to the content itself. If you want the score in the content, it needs to be added to the html.

Hmm, they asked that I put the score into a custom field when I made the PR on their repo: https://github.com/postlight/mercury-parser/pull/439

I wonder what the solution here is… I was also expecting that by adding the post image, I would see it in the parsed text view, but I only see the content of the article, same as before.

I replied on the ticket:

Thanks for adding this field, but I want to see the score in the story content and not in a field. The point of this library is that I get the story’s full content in the content field and not in single-use fields that are per-site. Since the website shows the score at top I feel it would be appropriate to have the score at top of the article content. Can we move it there so users can benefit from this?

Thank you! I’ll gladly put the score back into the content if they allow it. Do you have a sense of what we would do to get the photo in the parsed story as well?