Periodic synchronization - feature request

Hi all,

I spoke with Sam about it, but he has mentioned that it would be best post it here as new idea / feature request and see if there are also other people interested in such feature.

I am not sure how you, but I think I have reached the moment that I am overwhelmed with information, I was wondering if there could be an option in NewsBlur to synchronise some of the RSS sites periodically, e.g.

  • some per week (e.g. Saturday or Sunday morning only)
  • some fortnight
  • some ever 30 day / one time per month on specific date

This will really help as most of feeds, I would say  80-95% of them I read only headlights and they are just piling up.

What you think guys (and girls)? Definitly I want to have access to some messages ASAP, or faster ;), but some of them can wait a while longer.

If you think this is worth feature to have vote for it ;).


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