Paywall Authentication

I’m sure this has been requested before, and is probably technically impossible, but quite a number of the news sources that I subscribe to are behind a paywall, and I’d love to be able to read their full articles in Newsblur without being interrupted to be told that I have to enter my login details (for some semblance of privacy I have my browser set to delete all cookies each time it’s closed)

It would be lovely if there was a way for Newsblur to know which sites required authentication and be able to provide some method of automatic authenticaton when required.

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You can get around most authenticated feeds by including a username and password like so:…

But that only works with private feeds, not necessarily paywalls like the Times or WSJ. I don’t know of a good way to get around this, unfortunately.

Thanks for an extremely swift response!

I didn’t think there would be an easy answer, I’ll try your suggestion above and see if it works anywhere though.

Many thanks for providing an otherwise seamless service. It’s appreciated.