PayPal missery

Ok, feeds now showing up, i have a little problem with PayPal, i have done the donation (and that was really NOT easy) but on Paypal it showed up as a yearly returning donation, and that is not what is agreed (probebly a simple mistake) so i tryed to change that, not possible, and then asked PayPal to do that, and they cancled your payment!! ARGG (again less hair after dealing with PayPal, and at my age every single one counts) It will probebly be returned to me, so give me an email/paypal adres to let me resend it without the yearly binder.

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When you subscribe, you do sign up for a “subscription” which is a recurring paypal payment. If you just want a year with no renewal there is a way to cancel the subscription while making a single payment. When you are in newsblur you can go to the settings (its a gear icon) and choose “account”, and then “cancel subscription renewal”.

Ok, maybe make that clearer for the foks subscribing, i rather panicked. Now how do i re-subscribe, so i can repay the 12$ that PayPal in there wisdom has removed from your account?