Paging in feed doesn't page enough

When scrolling through articles, the space bar only scrolls an article by a few lines. This isn’t what normally happens when I use the space bar in a browser. Usually I get half a page or more.

Consequently, I end up using the track pad for scrolling through an article.


Went ahead and doubled the amount it pages. Let me know if that’s better.

Should I be able to see this change right away? If so, it wasn’t enough to really notice.

Can you make it so that it uses whatever the scroll behavior is of the client? i.e. whatever pressing space on firefox would normally do to a page of text.

If not, I guess I will estimate what would be nice. > “half” and < “full”. and if you want to be fancy about it, make the little arrow doodad show where the “bottom” of the scrolling window was before you scrolled.

Hmm, this has been driving me nuts. It seems like it barely even scrolls. I guess it’s about 1/3 of the page. Whereas in my browser, normally, space makes it so the last line of text on my screen is now the top one.

shift+space seems to do about twice as much as space, when going backwards.

Yup, this is intentional. Going backwards you want to reverse just a bit more to figure out what you missed. You’ll get used to it, esp. since you can hold down the space bar and it pages until you let go. Works pretty well, I think.