Pages from craigslist with thumbnail photos do not display in Newsblur

Create an RSS feed from a Craigslist search (bottom right of search page); e.g. Motorcycles For Sale. Put this in Newsblur. View the feed using either Text or Story mode. Pages from CL with a single picture will display but pages with thumbnails on the left side will not. Newsblur will fetch the page but then only displays the page title and link which I have to follow to see the page itself in a new window.

Example of such a CL page:…

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Until Craigslist actually has an RSS feed, which it is unlikely to pursue, this will continue.

a) CL does have an RSS feed at the bottom right of every search results page, cleverly placed right under the text “RSS”, for example:…

b) The problem is not with the RSS feed itself. Newsblur handles the RSS just fine. Newsblur fails to handle certain page content which other feed readers can handle.