page2rss shutting down from may 1

As per google group posting, page2rss is shutting down on May 1!topic/page2rss/CYYp-p6MZ00

Please suggest any other alternative service for creating feeds for website


Feed43: a good free version exist (but it’s a bit techy!)
Feedity: very limited free version and too expensive as a Premium.
FiveFilter’s Feed Creator (if you can host it) :

Serge :

Samuel, you built a nice replacement when YouTube shut down RSS feeds. Could you do something similar for Page2RSS? So many people depend on Page2RSS.


Uh, yeah please.

I’ve been looking but there isnt really a good alternative to page2rss.

I built a small script a while ago because feed43 has stability issues for me. All you need are the CSS/DOM selectors for the parts you want to watch, everything else can be configured in a cronjob: