Own Blurblog Unfollowed / Not Visible


I have not used the blurblog feature for years, and was trying to set it up again. Though my settings show I am following my own blurblog, I cannot see it in the dashboard. The only way I can get to it is clicking on Activities and following a share notice there which leads me to a page where I can see the posts, but it acts very strangely. The feed title bar is blank. I can click the disclosure tab (right-click) and see the options, but things like my subscribers are shown as Undetermined and there is no URL or RSS feed shown. The site title shows a different site in that dialog.


It looks like you are following yourself, so try hitting the URL directly and seeing if you can see the feed. I wonder if you don’t see it because of a filter, like collapsing the All Shared Stories section of the feed list or using All/Unread/Focus.



Thanks. I do not believe this is a filter issue. I made a brief YouTube video which shows some of the strange web layout behavior I see on my dashboard (https://youtu.be/AQnN-uyO8Ps). That includes partially covered text and incorrect data showing in settings dialog boxes. The behavior is not browser/machine/OS dependent. Not a showstopper as I can work my around to get to the content. But I do not see what I would expect to see when accessing the blurblog.