Override or delay future-dating of publisher content channeled through Newsblur

I’d like to request that all stories shown on Newsblur be current-dated (or current-time-stamped) even if future-dated (or future-time-stamped) by the publisher, or at least that they not appear in the “everything” or “all site stories” screen until we reach the actual date/time indicated in that post’s timestamp.  Right now, publishers that future-date or future-time their articles unfairly distort chronologically-ordered lists (e.g., newest-to-oldest posts).  It would make sense for Newsblur to override or delay future-dated publisher content when showing multi-feed lists of posts from multiple publishers that are chronologically sequenced.  If you choose to delay appearance of that content until its actual date/time arrives, you could always continue showing future-dated content immediately in that feed’s specific page on Newsblur, where it won’t screw up the multi-publisher chronological sequencing.

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You know it’s funny, I subscribe to SFist and Gothamist and I know exactly the problem you’re describing. There is really no way around it other than to have me institute a policy of future-dates-become-current-dates. I handle this for anything dated more than an hour into the future. But for less than 24 hours into the future, I let the publisher use the date they give. I’m thinking about changing this.

I do have an override on the river of news on the dashboard, which only shows stories that are less than an hour into the future. 

BTW, of my feeds, nobody is worse than Outside Magazine, which publishes up to 12 hours into the future.

Would anybody else like to see this happen?

This would fix the issue described in another thread with the Dilbert feed always publishing comics at 8pm instead of 8am.