OS X Yosemite updated / newsblur freezes Safari

I cleared cache and history, but the problem persists. The “counting is difficult” process almost completes and then Safari freezes completely. Tested on Chrome with no problems.

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Hmm, I run Yosemite and Safari and haven’t had issues. What extensions do you have installed?

Google Analytics Opt-Out and Ghostery.

You know, I’ve heard of issue w/ Ghostery and NB before. Try disabling those and loading.

Upgraded both to latest. Then disabled them. Same result. After I load newsblur the browser completely freezes and has to be closed and reopened. I even rebooted for good measure. Anything else worth checking?

This is a new one. What’s your username and how many feeds do you subscribe to? Do you automatically enter into All Site Stories when you load NewsBlur?

“pykt” Hundreds of feeds it looks like. I loaded up on Chrome and it seems I’m opening “All Site Stories” on load. Thanks for checking.

Must be something specific to your installation. Working fine on my Safari/Yosemite. Do you have anything else on your machine running? Do you not have any Safari extensions installed? I’ve heard of many issues with extensions, so I want to be sure it’s not that.

Extensions disabled. Safari was then shut down and then run again. Tried Newsblur to same problem. Gets all the way to “Counting is Hard” and then freezes Safari. I can only guess it’s the really large number of feeds not playing well with Safari 8.

I may try Webkit next to see if it’s a bug in Safari that has been fixed.

Same result with latest Webkit build.

The problem is that I logged in with Safari with your account and was able to use it without issue. So I can’t figure out what is causing it. If you go to Chrome and disable auto-opening of a folder, does it load in safari?

I have a very similar issue. I switched to Safari after upgrading to Yosemite and now Safari freezes and slows down a lot when I start going through Newsblur. I didn’t have the issue with Chrome (and Yosemite). It seems like the issue happens when I load a feed with a lot of videos, for example: http://laughingsquid.com in Newsblur.

I have the following extensions loaded in Safari:
Adblock Plus
Reddit Enhancement Suite

For what it’s worth, I’ve recently upgraded my MacBook Pro 13" late 2013 to Yosemite and NewsBlur seems to be working fine, zero issues so far.

k1ng, Adblock is almost always the culprit.

Same issues, no extensions installed.

This is still a problem for me on Safari Version 8.0 (10600.1.25.1) on Yosemite 10.10.1. Finishes counting message and then won’t bring up any stories and freezes all tabs. Safari has to be shut down and restarted to work again. Still working fine on Chrome (though Chrome is slower in rendering than Safari).

Killing the “safari networking” process unfreezes safari

Seems to work again having upgraded to El Capitan.

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