Orrganizer doesn't remember order?

What I’ve tried to do is sort a couple of feeds to the top of one of my folders. I’ve gone to the Organizer, sorted by frequency of updates, selected a single feed and moved it into the same folder it’s currently in. Once that’s done, I just hit escape and return to main screen but nothing’s changed.

Next, I’ve tried to move it to the top level using the same sequence as above. It moves just fine and displays at the top of the top level feeds. When I then go back to the Organizer, sort by frequency and then move it into a folder, it appears at the top of the folder. So far, so good! Then I close the Newblur site and when I open the page again, the feed is right back in its original position!

Am I doing something wrong? Is it working for anyone else? 

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The organizer’s order is only temporary. It’s only used for organizing. I plan to extend those orders out to the feed list, but it hasn’t been much requested yet.

Well, let me add my vote/request for allowing custom ordering of sites and folders. That’s the one last feature of Google Reader that I miss. Prepending folders and site names with numbers always struck me as a bit kludgey.