Orphaned Feeds in Reeder

It seems like this is a problem you’ve dealt with a few times, but I’m encountering an issue where “ghost” or “orphaned” feeds that I’m sure I’ve subscribed to and deleted in the past are appearing in my 3rd party iOS app (Reeder).

After doing a search for similar problems here, I’m not sure there is another way to solve the issue other than to let you know and have you re-add them to my main feed. If that is still the case my newsblur account is rhynowoody.

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Hey Ryan,

I had the same issue. The orphaned feeds didn’t show up in Newsblur but appeared in Reeder.

I was able to fix it by creating a new folder in Reeder and moving the orphaned feeds to it. They then showed up on the Newsblur web site and I was able to delete them.

Once I refreshed Reeder the orphaned feeds were removed.

Thanks Sean!

I’ve used your method and it worked. Problem solved.