Original View on iPhone app

I’m totally stumped by this one, so I wondered if anyone can help. I can’t seem to find anywhere on the iPhone app an option to default to the original view (or any of the other complete views) when a story is selected. I just see a few lines of text by default and have to click the ‘text’ button at the bottom to see the whole story. I even tried changing the setting on the web page to see whether this is reflected in the app with no joy.

Is this even possible or do I really have to click the text button for each story as well as selecting it?

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So there are a few terms here. Original view refers to the framed webpage where you can scroll and read multiple stories at once. Feed view refers to the RSS feed. And Text view refers to the extracted text of the story. (Story view refers to the original permalink of the story).

You want the Text view to be default on iOS, at least on a per-feed basis. I haven’t figured out a good UI for locking in Text view, hence why it doesn’t exist. I’m open to ideas. I’ve drawn a few ideas and none have been to my liking.