Optional duration for Intelligence Trainer restrictions

I use Intelligence Trainer a lot. Mostly for filtering out keywords that I’m currently not interested in.

“Currently” is the catch word here: Sometimes, I just want to exclude a certain keyword for a limited amount of time. And I’m talking about years here, not days.

Here is one example to illustrate the point:

  • I have a subscription for a feed that sends me offers for cheap products.

  • Some of these products are for children.

  • I do have a child, but certain keywords don’t interest me now, because they are for much older kids.

  • Still, I can’t mark them with thumbs down, because I might want to see those offers in a couple of years from now.

  • But still again, I would like to filter out these posts, but just for the time being.
    So whenever I add new rules to the Intelligence Trainer, I would love to have a dropdown for the duration with options like:

  • Remember this forever. (default)

  • Forget this after half a year.

  • Forget this after one year.

  • Forget this after three years.
    This would be perfectly sufficient.

I guess that some other people might also use such a kind of feature, for example for filtering out a certain current affair from a news stream that one is currently not interested in.