Option to share/send article to Blogger

One of the things I loved on Google Reader, was the option to easily send an article to Blogger, for something I’d like to share or talk about. Maybe this is kind of specific and would only serve a small subset of users, but on the other hand it seems simple enough not to take much time time to implement in the sharing section.

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I’d be happy to do this if you can furnish a URL you’d like to use. Take a look at the other share options to see what I mean.

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for the reply. I had already sent you a direct email, see if that’s the url you’re talking about.
As for the other share options, I seem to be a bit lost, as the only option i see for sharing in the NewsBlur RSS articles is the share option to the BlurBlog (maybe I’m missing the point?)

Right click on a story title and you should see other options. You can enable even more options in Preferences > Story.

Ok, added Blogger. Thanks for the idea!

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