Option to Mute Comments from Specific users

I kinda liked when newsblur wasn’t popular, because most people were fairly even keeled then.

Now the daring fireball feed has a troll, at first it was cute, but now it’s getting annoying and I’d like to stop seeing his constant ‘gruber’s an idiot’ posts.

So can you let us mark people as ‘do not want’ just like the feeds so their posts don’t show up?


Hmm, that “just like feeds” may have tipped me over. Ok, I’ll see what I can do. I’ve got a lot on my plate, though, so this isn’t as high on the priority list. Would you want a mute feature or a block feature? Mute prevents you from seeing their comments (as if they were private). Block also prevents them from replying to you (without a whitelist like the privacy settings).

Both add extra calls, which is why I haven’t added it yet. There’s no good immediate solution, so I’ll have to actually develop something.


Either would suit me fine. Block is probably a more complete solution, in the hypothetical event of harassment via newsblur comments :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response!

That guy is the one I want to block too!!

Either is fine. Really, I just want the particular person who is referenced to stop ruining my enjoyment and contemplation of the points in certain feeds.

I like comments around here most of the time. They’re either insightful, helpful, or funny. There’s others that “troll” some of this specific feed’s comments, but they’re not persistent, and I wouldn’t block a person for an occasional thing.

I think that, in the short term, someone might need to at least give this particular user a warning that publicly commenting is a privilege and not a right even if they’re a paying customer. If not, my favorite feature of a particular forum I’m on is the “troll feeding prevention system” – certain users’ posts and comments just don’t show up for everyone else. I happen to, uh, know that it’s implemented by a “and userid != footroll” in the query that displays comments … it’s ridiculously hacky, but it works pretty well. Sometimes we even remove people’s IDs from the exclusion list.

I follow DF and I don’t see anything like trolling that a few of you are referencing. Either way, I do think it would be nice to have a mute_users field. It’ll work two ways: they don’t see you, you don’t see them. It’s effectively a block, but I’ll be calling it mute.

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heh, after I posted this, the comments kinda stopped. Mute works for me, i’m in no rush. Just peak iOS 7/iPhone 5s was happening and it was getting old :wink:

Hey Sam, not that this is the most urgent thing in the world, but… any progress?

Heyyy, bump.

I figured there was already a request for this. Today, I see a guy commenting on a shared-by-Popular post about birth control, PPACA, etc originally from Feministing. He closes the comment with something along the lines of “managed to bitch up the conclusion.” It’s since been edited to “botch”, but still. I would like to block this person.

Maybe this mute already exists, and I don’t see how to do it?

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I would dearly love an option to block a specific user from commenting on my shares. He’s less a troll and more just a guy who loves to argue endlessly, and I just… don’t want to. I know I can mute the email notifications of his comments once he’s started up, but I’d rather he just not see anything I post anymore, and vice versa. He’s a jerk.

bump! i’d love the chance to ignore a few people.

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sweet jesus, this. I’m happy to let this guy have his opinions, as long as they’re not cluttering my news feed, and I don’t want to have to turn comments off completely in order to avoid this guy.

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Was there any progress made on implementing this feature?

On the XKCD feed (https://newsblur.com/site/5994357/xkcd.com) there are two pointless alt-text bots I would like to mute/block/ignore so I could only see discussion by real users.