Option to move Blurblogs to top

With the new design the blurblog section has moved from the top of the feed list to the bottom. It would be great to have an option to move be able to move this back to the top like in the old design or some way of customizing order of the feed selection.


Yes, please!

When it moved, I figured it was some setting that I hit accidentally. I’ve been searching for a way to move it back. I’d really really like to move that back to the top!

There is an easy way to do this with CSS flexbox and the order directive, but there’s maybe a dozen children in that list and each one would need an explicit order. We could then have you use some Custom CSS to change the order of two of them (the social header and the social feeds), but even then, it’s a fair bit of work.

So, who else wants to see this?

I moved it down because usage is far lower than feeds, so it made sense to move it down. But I understand that’s not true of everybody, and for those who use sharing features, it’s a bit part of their NewsBlur experience. So I’d be open to making a preference for its position. Although part of me also wants to do it for the other sections: search and saved story tags.

when changing UI, you have to consider not just “is this better than the previous?” but “is this so much better than the previous that it can overcome the inherent advantage the previous has from familiarity?” the answer is generally no, especially when it comes to actually moving components, not just changing their appearance.