Option to mark story as read when going to the next item


I used Googles RSS reader in the past, then switched to Feedly when the service stopped, and now I found Newsblur which looks and feels much better.

Both previous cases I used the J and K keys to navigate, and jumping on the next item hitting J marked the previous item that I just read as read. This was a very convenient way, since may times I open the feed but I don’t have time to check the item that is opened.

However we miss this option in Newsblur. I don’t want to use automark after some time, because many times I just close the browser.

Now I use manual marking using the M button, but this way I have to press M followed by J. If we had an option for example like “J key also marks item as read”, that would be nice.

So optionally the function of hitting J key would be in order:

  1. mark current item as read
  2. jump to next item

All this by pressing only one key.

Recommend an unused key and I will consider it! Hit ‘?’ to see what we have.

So a single option like
“Should we automatically mark stories as read as you navigate through them using keyboard shortcuts?”

is not possible, but only a new shortcut?

Mine does that when I use the “J” key to advance to the next story. In settings, make sure under the Feeds tab, you have “Mark stories read on scroll” set to do that. Then as you advance, either via the “J” key or by actually scrolling with a mouse, it will mark them read.

This is already set, doesn’t work.