Option to Mark as Read when navigating to next site?

Hi Samuel
I have been using NewsBlur for a few months now and am loving it.  Just signed up for premium yesterday.  

Would it be possible to add an option to mark a site as read after you navigate to the next site?  I have been doing the double click on the unread count, but found the “hitbox” to be very small.  I used to use Feed Demon and that was one of the settings that I found useful.  Perhaps carry it over into the mobile versions as well?



Sure, just hit shift+a and it’ll mark the feed as read and then move you to the next unread feed.

Alternatively, hitting the mark read button (top of the story titles list) will also move you to the next site. There is a preference to turn this behavior off, but it’s turned on by default.

I know these are first world problems, but the mark read button in the layout style I use is off to the right and a bit of a stretch for the mouse to go over and come back.
Although the shift A shortcut is nice.  I will give it a go and see what I tink. 

Thanks for the quick response!