Option to disable 'Global Shared' on Web and App

Never used / will use that feature. Just takes up screen real estate.


It would be great if we could disable all the social features as they are really not very interesting. I’d like to hide the Global Shared and All Shared items on the sidebar as well as completely disable comments. Just a waste of space, processing and bandwidth.

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100% agree. With around 1000 feeds I consider myself a power user, never have shared a story via social features (not even in google reader).

Nope, they are part of the design. If you don’t want to use them, you don’t have to. They take no extra processing power. I don’t even have a logo on the page, so consider these part of the space you’ll never get to use anyhow. And besides, one day you might be bored and want to read what the world is talking about.

It is your app, so do whatever you like, but with 1000+ feeds I doubt I will ever be bored :slight_smile:

Sigh… Why does everything have to force social interaction these days…?

Anyway, for those who keep clicking by mistake on the “Global Shared” instead of your own feeds: you can remove just the Global Shared-button with a little AdBlock magic: just right click the menu item and select ‘block this item’ then play with the slider until the entire button is gone.

It doesn’t bother me on the web interface but on my mobile I feel like I incidentally click the global button several times a day. :smiley: As I never use the global feature it gets a bit annoying sometimes.