OPML Import without Erasing Everything

I was wondering if it would be possible to add an OPML Import option that won’t erase all of my feeds in the process.

I don’t know if this is something a ton of people would use, but my personal use-case involves importing OPML from a Community Reading List / River of News.

Please let me know.
Thanks, and I love the site. Long live solo developers!


I’ve wanted to build a merge for a while, but it’s just enough work that I’ve been putting it off. If anybody else wants to see this built, chime in.

Yes, please build a merge. I expected that if I built up a list of feeds, and want to import from somewhere else, that it doesn’t lose all your previous feeds, which just happened to me now. I recall that it said somewhere that this would happen (I think?), but I forgot that, and it didn’t remind me when I just tried it. So I lost all my original feeds just now.

Is there any way to recover the list of feeds that I just lost? It actually looks like my activity feed will save the day here, but importing should not be a destructive action.

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I can recover old feeds quite easily (and provide you with a backup opml file). But as much as I’d like to see this feature, it’s just enough work, both backend and frontend, and would effect so few users, that I’m putting it off until it becomes something that is critical.

I just lost all my feeds! Can you please restore them? -kxra


I would like to see this feature [and am surprised you do not already have it].

Yeah, I’m surprised too. But I have an easy way to get back your old feeds with no harm done, and it’s just temperamental enough that I gave up when I tried to implement it about 3 years ago. I should go back and do it, but it requires a front-end option and would take the better part of a morning to actually get done. Lots of other more important work to be done.