Open up API to third-party developers?

Currently a free subscriber, but am seriously contemplating taking the plunge. Any plans to open your API to third party developers. I note that my current iOS rss apps of choice will be using feedly, feedbin, etc… (due to my OCD complex I have seperate apps for different rss categories…) Any possibility of newsblur following suite? This would be a big plus


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If you’re wondering why there are no third-party iOS and Android apps, it’s because of and Fact is, NewsBlur is pretty far different from other readers, what with training and social and the tight vertical integration.


Are the iOS / Android apps open source as well?



Looked into “apps” not into “media”

Wowowow! big thanx bro!

I use official android app and…

Psyched to hear that! If it has mark-as-unread I’m sold, I’m really keen to use a NewsBlur reader on Android, but could never seem to get my login to work for Blar and the official client doesn’t have mark-as-unread

Yes, it has ‘mark as unread,’ though I should probably test it. It’s still beta, and they haven’t implemented the “saved articles” feature yet. Currently it’s moving to be ‘quasi-open-source’ so the developer can get the community’s help on this version. However, grabbing articles and content and syncing read-state is working perfectly!

Awesome! Just grabbed it, with give it a whirl

Sorry for the confusion, the mobile apps moved to /apps from /media just yesterday.

Actually, we have a new one! NewsRob (an excellent Android offline newsreader that can grab the web-content as well as the feed) is currently getting updated with Newsblur suppor. Here is the link to Beta4 so far:…

The API is one of the main reasons I chose NewsBlur. From what I hear, it was prett y easy to implement, too.

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