Open story with keyboard 'O' does not open new window in Safari 10

Using the keyboard shortcut ‘o’ to open the story, Safari 10 does not open a new window/tab and opens the story in the Newsblur window (leaving newsblur)
Everything is fine when you left click on the story title, also checked preferences for correct option setting. No problem with other browsers (FF, Chrome, Safari 9) - so it must be a Safari 10 specific behaviour.

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Yes, Safari 10 broke the method NewsBlur uses to open pages in a new tab.  I have written a Safari extension to work around this (and Samuel has added support for it to the NewsBlur Web app).  I’m waiting for the extension to be added to Apple’s Safari Extensions Gallery, but you can install it yourself from here in the meantime:

You will need to reload your NewsBlur tab after enabling the extension, but it should just workTM afterwards.  Let me know if it doesn’t.

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Thanks! I’ll try it.

seems like it’s not working for me

Grr, OK. Unfortunately it’s kind of annoying to debug this remotely. What happens when you press ‘o’? What OS are you using? How do you have the options in Preferences > Tabs configured?

Here is a video recording with all Settings & Actions.
Safari Version: 10.0 (11602.

OK, finally think I figured this out!  It was working with www. but not  Try installing version 1.1 (same URL).

The extension seems to be working fine here…  Thanks!

Does anyone happen to know if Safari 10’s new behavior is considered to be a bug that will eventually be fixed… and how to track it so I’ll know when I can remove the extension?

My guess is the old behavior was considered a bug (allowing a Web page to synthesize events which imitate user action), but I was unable to find any documentation of the change.  Certainly I imagine we can get word to NewsBlur users if it is no longer needed.