Open stories in web browser

I follow several authors. Ideally I’d click their name and the first unread story would pop up in Safari.

However, I have to click the name, then click a story, then click the story again to have it opened in the browser. You can’t read it in NewsBlur because it only shows the teaser followed by “Click here to continue reading…”

Is there an option to open a story in Safari directly from the list of stories?

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You can double-tap on a story title to open it directly in the in-app Safari. Alternatively, hit the “Text/Feed” button in the bottom left of the story to extract the original story text. 

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Thanks for your reply!  Double click doesn’t seem to work in the feed, it responds immediately to the first click and opens the item in NewsBlur.

Is there a way to open a story in safari?  So you need just 2 clicks in NewsBlur: go to feed, then go to article.