Open in new window doesn't seem to work in Firefox

Hi. The “open in new window” functionality doesn’t seem to work in Firefox; it always opens the story in the same window. I tried in Firefox 5 & 6. Don’t know in Firefox 7 or 8. It works fine in Chrome.

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How exactly are you opening in a new window? Double clicking a feed title? Right clicking a story title and opening the story? Clicking on a link in a story and expecting it to open in a new window? I assume you have the preference for links in new windows turned on?

Such a fast response. I’m impressed. I tried in 3 ways, none of them open the story in new window in FIrefox:

  1. right clicking on the story title in the Feed view and then “Open” from the menu
  2. clicking directly on the story title in the Feed view
  3. pressing the “o” keyboard shortcut in Feed view

In “Preferences” I have configured Open links “In a new window”.

I also tried from 2 different computers with different Firefoxes to eliminate the possibility of my browser having a problem somehow…

Here are some screenshots: .

FWIW, I’m on Firefox 7.0.1 and it works just fine for me. I’d check your Firefox extensions; maybe one of them is blocking it? Try, first, restarting Firefox in “safe” mode (under the Help menu, “Restart with add-ons disabled”) and see if that fixes it. Then, if that does, you’ll have the tedious process of figuring out *which* add-on was the problem. (Personally, I disable half, restart, see if it works, and then narrow it down by halves each time.)

Indeed, my Firefoxes were using an extension Tabs Open Relative which changed the variable to 1 (Open links from external programs in the current window.). So Newsblur’s behaviour was fine.

I removed the extension, it was a relic back when I was using Firefox 3.

So all is fine now, thank you dcsohl for the sugestion to check my FF extensions. This can be closed.

Awesome! Thanks for the help, dcsohl.