Open all clicked links in the background

I’d like it if any and every link I click in NewsBlur opens up in the background. An option for this would be great. I did search for this topic, and it seems like it’s a very old feature request that was promised months ago, but it must have slipped Sam’s mind.


I think the thing is that browsers doesn’t really allow developers to decide how new tabs are opened anymore, i.e a new tab in the background.

The only way to really do it is to use javascript and emulate middle mouse or ctrl+left click (both of which will open a link in a new background tab) but it could also be argued that the use might as well do that if that’s how they want it to open.

For whatever reason, this more or less works for me? Nowadays, I expect a left-click to open the link in the current tab, and middle-click to open the link in a new tab in the background, and so far NewsBlur seems to match my expectations…

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Bump. I would love to see this.

I would kind of like this too, but I usually hit “V” to open link in the background while reading or middle click the title.

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