only see five articles in list

Suddenly I can only see and load the first five newest articles of a blog in my list. I don’t know how to go past this

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Are you in Unread Only mode? Are you a free user trying to read by folder?

I am a paid subscriber In Unread/feed/list mode. I used to be able to see all unread in a bold list at bottom, with full text in box above. I could see as many in the list as were unread, not just five. how do I recover that?

Can you post a screenshot?

There are some feeds that consistently show only 10 unread articles at a time, and there are other feeds that retain all, even the historical data. Is this a control set by Newsblur or the RSS generator? How can I retain the historical articles on all feeds?

It really depends on the feed. Unreads only go back 30 days for premium subscribers. Beyond that, if a site doesn’t publish often then there will be a limited archive.