"Only premium users can share multiple stories per day from the same site."

  1. That’s bullshit!

  2. I haven’t shared anything from that site (newsblur.com/site/1039257) in, err *scrolls through blurblog*, ever, actually…

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It’s to combat spam. I know it’s not ideal, but it stops a ton of spam while only a few legit stories a day. But the usual yada yada applies about NewsBlur being a paid product where the free account exists as an unexpiring trial period.

As for the bug, what’s your username? I can check the story.

Oh, you get spam in the shares? SIgh, incredible…

1 share per site per day just seems like an odd limit, a overall amount of shares per day would make more sense in my mind… Whatever I really should get around to upgrading to premium anyway.

Username is Leonick.

Same issue with username dianaschnuth. I haven’t shared anything from the given site in well over a day.