Only 25 items returned from my BlurBlog's RSS feed.

In Google Reader, I can specify the number of entries I want returned from my Shared Items (or other public feed) by putting ?n= at the end of it. Here’s an example:…

This does not work with my BlurBlog’s feed. I always get 25 entries returned.

This is something I must have to continue using the service.

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That’s how RSS feeds work, you don’t get to specify the number of stories. I think 25 is quite generous, considering most have 10 stories.

Now, if you want to specify the number of stories, be prepared to use the NewsBlur API to get the results, but they won’t be in RSS format. You’ll have to do whatever you want with the JSON output, but RSS isn’t a pageable format.

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Google spoiled me, I guess. Darn them for taking Reader away.

Looks like I’ll have to switch to the API… probably better in the long run anyway. JSON is easier to work with.

Thanks, Samuel.

[edit: nevermind, I see the ‘limit’ parameter in the code on github. It’s just not documented on the API page. Thanks!]

I see that many of the GET commands in the API provide a way to specify the page # for results, but the “social/stories/:user_id/:username” command does not. It seems this will have the same limitation as the RSS feed with no way of getting more than a handful of results. Is an optional ‘page’ parameter planned for this? I’ll take a look at the code in GitHub as well.

Thanks, Samuel.