Ongoing Facebook weirdness

Does anyone else have ongoing problems with Facebook? It seems to be an account-wide issue for me: On my iOS app, my Facebook sharing icon won’t show up no matter what, and when I choose to share to Facebook from the website, nothing happens. I’ve tried everything I can think…deleting and reinstalling apps…disconnecting and reauthorizing Facebook on the website…deleting NewsBlur’s permissions via the Facebook site…it’s just…weird. I’m guessing it’s probably a Facebook problem, but would love to get back the capability. Right now I have to share to Pocket to be able to share to Facebook. Thanks!

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I should mention this is several months now that this has been going on.

How are you sharing to Facebook? Are you using the little share arrow at the bottom left of every story? Or are you sharing to your blurblog with Facebook also checked? What error do you get?

Thanks, Samuel. This happens when I try to reshare a post to my blurblog with Facebook sharing at the same time, as in the screenshot (but also in apps):

I don’t get an error…just no share to Facebook.

On the site or in the Android app, I can choose the Facebook icon to share directly to Facebook, but on the iOS app, I no longer have a Facebook icon no matter what I do, so I can’t even share directly.



Try re-authenticating Facebook. Go to Manage > Friends > Disconnect Facebook.

Thanks. Had tried that before but did it again just in case. No joy…same as before.

Sorry if duplicated…seems to have not posted.

Just tried this again… No joy. Same as before.

FYI in the app showing how the icon is gone:

Ok, just pushed out an update that disconnects your Facebook token when it doesn’t work. I’ll be watching the logs, so let me know when you try to share to Facebook again (and please share your username so I know what to look for).

Thanks, Samuel! Will do.

Just gave it a shot.

User name wreichard.

It’s definitely posted. Go to your Facebook profile and click on “Activity Log”. You should see it there.

OK–that worked! Now, the weird thing is that it doesn’t show on my timeline despite being allowed to be shown on my timeline. But that part I will try to figure out with Facebook. Thanks as always, Samuel!

Oh, wait…the one other thing is, I still don’t get a Facebook icon in the iOS app for sharing direct. Not a big deal, just FYI.

Wait for the latest iOS app later this week. If it still doesn’t show up, that’s probably because iOS isn’t allowing Facebook to show up on NewsBlur. You’ll have to root around in the iOS settings.

Will do!

Quick FYI:

  1. iOS update didn’t fix it. :frowning:
  2. The Facebook sharing option suddenly disappeared from the website sharing options!

I’m just cursed, and I accept that at this point. I just share to Pocket and then to Facebook. Pretty sure it’s on Facebook’s end, whatever it is.

I rewrote sharing on iOS in the upcoming iOS version 4.6. Should be approved in a week.

Do you get tired of hearing that you rock? Thanks!

Samuel–the Facebook icon is back. Thanks! :slight_smile: