one of my feeds (Stellar) has stories but isn't displaying

My stellar feed (link for samuel, username tedder) doesn’t display in the feed reader. I don’t see errors in the javascript console, here’s the relevant network call response.

{"updated": "32 minutes", "authenticated": true, "feed_tags": [], "feed_id": 840922, "classifiers": {"authors": {"Xeni Jardin": -1}, "feeds": {}, "titles": {}, "tags": {}}, "elapsed_time": 1.39, "user_search": null, "stories": [], "result": "ok", "message": null, "feed_authors": [["Sean Tejaratchi", 3], ["Tomas Rios", 3], ["darth smallberries", 3], ["allie wach", 3], ["Roxane Gay", 3], ["Matthew Baldwin", 2], ["christina", 2], ["Don Moyer", 2], ["Wil Wheaton", 2], ["Brad Nelson", 2], ["Julio Capote", 2], ["ghost kfan", 2], ["Rainier Wolfcastle", 2], ["Mobutu Sese Seko", 2], ["Ed Bott", 2], ["The Washington Post", 2], ["SmithsonianMag", 2], ["Joel Hamill", 2], ["Daniel Bogan", 2], ["Sven Gustafson", 1]], "user_profiles": []}

I tried pulling it up in the Android app, it also says “no stories”.

The river shows 225 stories and that’s approximately correct.


I see a ton of stories. I suggest checking the trainer and seeing if you have anything thumbed-down. Does it work on the web but not Android?

Only one thing is trained down. It doesn’t work on the web, nor does it work on Android.

[tries something]

ah, I fiddled with the settings, it fails on “oldest first” but when I revert to “newest” it works fine.

Right-click and Insta-fetch Stories. That should fix oldest first.