One Article From Each Feed View

It would be great if we could view an article from each feed. Some of the feeds that publish often tend to crowd out the articles from feeds that publish less often. It would be great if there was a way to sort so that I can see the most recent article from each feed.

This is basically sorting by feed + article recency (2-key sort). So if you have 10 feeds, each with 1 or more articles in them, this view would display them as:

Feed 1 - Article 1
Feed 2 - Article 1

Feed 10 - Article 1
Feed 1 - Article 2
Feed 2 - Article 2

Feed 10 - Article 2

Once a feed ran out of articles it’d be skipped (so if Feed 1 only had 1 article in it wouldn’t be in the 2nd round).

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Interesting idea. I’d have to figure out a UI to allow you to switch between feed limits and unlimited. On the backend it wouldn’t be so complicated, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra UI, which tends to make things complicated.