Once fixed, once again broken: "Sorry, this story could not be shared. Probably a bug."

This stopped working 2-3 days ago.

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Note that I’m still able to share from the mobile app, just not the web client.

You have adblock installed, right? Try disabling it on newsblur.com.

That was definitely the problem. Any clue specifically why?

Because they’re doing something fishy. I’ll take a look.

The “Fanboy Social” list has a bunch of very general rules that block follow/share buttons. I love it, but it’s too wildcard-y for its own good.

Holy cow: https://easylist-downloads.adblockplu…. Yeah, that would be it.

Hey Kenny, did you install the Fanboy Social filter on Adblock? If so, was it just an option that is likely to be used by others or did you seek it out?

Huh. I do have it installed, but I can’t remember for sure if I added it on top of the base install or if it was a default. I am ~80% sure that I added it afterward.

I don’t see anything with “newsblur” in any of my blocking lists, which of these entries is affecting the share button?

Some stuff to note: The “Social” blocklist is presented as an option on Adblock’s first run, AND, it’s included within the Fanboy “Annoyances” blocklist, so people might subscribe to it accidentally.

I don’t have Adblock here at work, But you can “Open blockable items” and see the exact rule that’s causing trouble.

I forgot about “open blockable items”! Coincidentally enough, now that I go looking for it, the most recent version of Chrome/Adblock combo doesn’t seem to have it anywhere accessible anymore.

But it does let me tweet about how many ads I blocked on a page! :expressionless:
(isn’t that a bit ironic?)