Old stories showing up in just about all my feeds

I normally see a few hundred new stories come through my feeds a day, but since yesterday over a thousand have appeared, and just about all of them are for old articles from months or years ago. I tried going through and just marking them, figuring it was just a hiccup in the systems, but then sites i’ve marked as read started loading even more old articles. Is there something going on?


Not sure what you mean by old stories. Stories from months or years ago are showing up as new? Can you show me a screenshot?

I’m upgrading all of the Mongo databases, so it’s very likely there’s something I didn’t anticipate in the upgrade.

I uploaded a screenshot:


For this particular feed I’ve marked is as read several times now, but the articles keep coming back as unread. I sat down and read all of my feeds last night, when I finished I had 0 unread. Right now I’ve got over 1,200. It doesn’t appear to be happening for every subscription.

Those articles in the screenshot range from a few weeks ago to a few months ago. Not sure what the pattern is really. I’m seeing the occasional new article too.

Should be noted that in newsblur, they all have the same time on them. Maybe the site thinks they’re new?

Hmm, how many feeds does this happen to? Are the feeds related to each other? This doesn’t seem system-wide but rather feed-specific. 

Yeah, I’m seeing it happen mostly on reddit rss feeds, and also on twitter feeds. I’ll check if any other sites are affected.


I also started seeing this yesterday. It began with a jquery YouTube feed and repeated twice there (see screenshots). And just now the same thing happened with the two personal blogs that I follow: Preshing on Programming and Dan McKinley. In all cases the items that appear as unread are more than a year old, they are not necessarily the latest in the original feed, and it seems there’s always more than one affected.

YouTube jquery’s feed:

The video itself:

Dan McKinley’s blog feed:

The same item in the feed source:

I’m seeing old posts, but only in youtube feeds. (I don’t have any twitter feeds, so can’t say one way or the other on them.)

Pretty much ALL of my YouTube feeds have reset themselves and are presenting all of the content as new.

Starting to see it in other, regular feeds as well now.

My old youtubes are also coming back. And they won’t stay “mark all as read”. I’ve got the same ancient feed repop a few times now. (https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=UC6gTNEiFyqlUwzoaH9L-ivg) (picture of a different, but similiar feed)

Up to 3,000 unread items, it’s almost unreal! Any possible updates on this?

This should now be fixed. I upgraded all of NewsBlur’s dependencies in order to crack the slowdown bug, but it looks like date parsing was changing in the feedparser library. I attempted to fix it and it should now work for any stories that come in. If you see old stories dated after now please let me know.

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I see only new reddit articles coming in with correct timestamps now. Will report if I see any more out of line.