Old items coming back as unread

A number of old articles in numerous feeds keep coming back as unread… there an Oct 3 Engadget article about changes to their RSS feed that keeps coming back as unread every day or so… and anumber of articles from my local newspaper (Colorado Springs Gazette) that will reappear every few days… it’s always the same articles, but periodically another one gets added and then continues to come back as well.

Happens on the site as well as iOS apps.


Can you share the newsblur.com site url of the feed when you open it? Also, what’s the story title that stays unread.

https://www.newsblur.com/#site/262942… and https://www.newsblur.com/#site/487741…

Stories from the Colorado Springs Gazette feed are (date/time shown is the timestamp from NewsBlur)
Winter storm warning for western Colorado14 Oct 2013, 7:46am
Denver mayor wants to stop public pot smoking14 Oct 2013, 9:01pm
Officer: Holmes gave ‘self-satisfying’ smirk15 Oct 2013, 7:32pm
Homecoming for Fort Carson soldiers16 Oct 2013, 9:31am
Senate shutdown deal includes Colo. road provision16 Oct 2013, 5:47pm
Colorado man found in truck 6 days after crash18 Oct 2013, 6:45pm
NM teacher’s aide tapes mouth of autistic student19 Oct 2013, 10:16pm

On Engadget it’s the Oct 3 article “Changes coming to Engadget’s RSS Feed”

I also have this problem with some feeds, particularly https://www.newsblur.com/site/1072/ph… (recently article “10/16/13 PHD comic: ‘Post-Doctor Who, Pt. 4’”). Other

Yes, the PHD comics come back for me quite regularly!

Another zombie article: “Advocate: AF Academy staffer broke religion rules”
on this feed: https://newsblur.com/site/4877411/col…