Old articles appearing after "Mark articles older than" set

I upgraded to the new archive tier, and set the “Mark stories as read after” to 365 days. A bunch of old articles appeared, which I initially guessed might have been older articles that got marked as read automatically before?

However, since then, more old articles are slowly appearing, mostly in feeds that I would consider less active although one I’m looking at right now says it updates EVERY 30 to 37.5 minutes which isn’t too bad.

Is this just a one-time thing as each feed gets updated (and perhaps gets into a queue to build the archive) or do I have something else weird going on?

Yeah, when you change that preference, feeds update as they fetch new articles. So your unread count doesn’t change immediately but a bit slowly as feeds fetch. I suppose I could add a special handler task for when that changes so every feed would get recalculated immediately. I’ll note that and try to get to it soon.

Makes sense. I’m surprised that I’m still seeing it this much later, especially for feeds that claim to refresh every ~30 minutes (unless that changed too?)

Not a big deal either way.

Okay, found one that looks suspicious to me in https://newsblur.com/site/19200/


2022-07-03 20:26:55 OK (200)
2022-07-03 19:19:22 Not modified (304)
2022-07-03 18:22:51 Not modified (304)
2022-07-03 17:15:49 Not modified (304)
2022-07-03 16:17:14 Not modified (304)

But the most recent item was from a few days ago (2022-06-29) and stayed read, while an older article from 2022-05-19 returned as unread. A 2022-06-28 article stayed read, the article before that is from 2021 and also stayed read, but for some reason the 2022-05-19 went to Unread.

Not sure that it matters, but if there is a bug it seems maybe to be triggered when the feed actually has a new article not when it is refreshed, which means this could be ongoing for any length of time.

How long should this keep going? Today I have at least two more feeds bringing articles from 2021 to my attention.

I just pushed out a big rewrite of the unread stories engine to try and root out these issues. I’ll need your help in identifying what’s going on where. What are you seeing now (as of the last 30 minutes) that you’re not expecting? Also, what’s your username?

Good news, I just pushed an update to the web app so that when you change the days of unread in Preferences, it will now trigger a recount of unreads. Try nudging that slider by a day and you should see new unread counts come in immediately after saving.

Username should be the same as here. 7843075 and 8037483 are the ones I know for sure got new old articles today, I keep this folder up to date and check it a couple times a day.

The articles probably appeared before you pushed your changes. I’ll go play with the slider now.

EDIT: Okay lots of stuff appeared just after I hit save, 1249 to 1716 stories overall. Looks like progress. I’ll do some cleanup tonight or tomorrow so that I can tell if it keeps happening.

Thanks again / as always.