Official Android app: Zoom in on images?

A lot of the items I read have graphs or other graphics with fine details. When they are scaled down to fit the screen width of my phone they are often unreadable. Switching to landscape mode helps sometimes but not always.

If you could add a way to zoom in on images, either within the page or after opening them in a new view, that would be great.


After opening them in a new view, they should open in your browser of choice, where normal zooming controls exist. (this is the solution I’ve settled on to get zooming)

This is unfortunately a bit of a larger feature, which may not even make it into the next version. But I am aware of this problem, especially as it exists on the iPhone. Ideally you would tap on an image and it would expand fullscreen, where you can then zoom into it. I’ll add it to the wish list.

You can also tap on the story title to open in your browser, where you can successfully zoom in on images.

Which is what I’ve been doing but it’s… sub-optimal. :slight_smile:

Maybe check how the guys who make Tweetcaster are handling it? Embedded images in tweets open in a very simple image browser.