Official Android app renders off to one side

Using the official Android app on a HTC Bravo. Items, most of which have a picture or video embedded, end up rendered half off to the left of screen. Usually it renders correctly first but at the first action, scrolling down or whatever, it re-renders off to the left. I haven’t managed to get a screenshot of it yet, but if I do I’ll add it here.


Wasn’t sure what you were talking about until I saw it for myself!

It did seem as if the content rendered correctly at first, but during scrolling it suddenly jumped to the left and stayed there no matter how I tried to interact. Going back to the story list and tapping the same story brought it up cleanly.

Android v2.3.7
NewsBlur v1.0.0

A tiny bit more info on this after some research:

  • only has happened on stories with images
  • swiping left or right and back again doesn’t fix it, but going back and then re-tapping the story does fix it
  • happens far less in landscape mode than in portrait mode

I’m sending this off to Ryan, but can you get a list of a few stories and feeds that do this? Also, does this happen every time you visit the story or only on first load?

More than half the stories from the last few days in this feed do it:

Only happens in portrait once you scroll down a bit, going back then tapping the story again fixes it, but it comes back as soon as you scroll down.

Can confirm that it’s repeatable on stories with embedded images or videos, most notably for me in this feed… Going back to feed view and then back to the item fixes it until you scroll again.

I’ve got the same issue, first saw it on the Wired Threat Level blog:
Same behavior as described above, feed appears normal from top, but scrolling down just a bit past the title causes everything to shift off the left side of the screen.

Fixed in the latest build, which should be out within the week. Thanks!

Is there a nightly that us more-adventurous users can grab?

Absolutely, but you’ll have to compile it yourself:…

So before the crashing set in I managed to check this out and it seems to be mostly fixed.

One feed I found that still had the issue was… and it seems to be related to their use of banner ads. Other sites with images as part of the post content seem to be all working fine now.

Though this seemed fixed in v1.0.55, just yesterday I saw it happen again in two stories that had embedded videos.

What’s the feed? I’d love to get specific examples to my dev.

Trying to find an example now that I’m back at a desktop. The lack of “save this story” on android makes remembering which misbehaved out of the ~500 I read yesterday difficult.

From… the story that points to… offsets to the left because of the embedded media.

An old issue, but it seems to be back on the current version of the Android app. I’m seeing it the most in the Kotaku feed. Here’s an example:…
As described above, it appears normal, but scrolling down just a bit shoves everything off the left side of the screen.

I ran into this issue last night trying to read feeds.

If it happens, please include the story title and feed where you noticed it. It is possibly a rendering issue and we need a reproducible test case.