Odd display behavior for Metafilter feed

I’m subscribed to the feed for Metafilter ( MetaFilter ), but the Newsblur display is rendering a self-referential link ( to NewsBlur ) along with details from the desination’s comments section. None of this info appears in the RSS feed’s description field (or anywhere else that I can find in the feed).

For example, the following feed entry…

Bored in the pandemic, she made art by bruising bananas.
Amazing what you can do with a <a href="https://www.bananabruiser.com/story">banana, a pin, and a comb</a>. <a href="https://www.instagram.com/banana_bruiser/">Samples</a> and <a href="https://www.bananabruiser.com/gallery">Galleries</a>
<guid isPermaLink="false">tag:metafilter.com,2023:site.199506</guid>
<pubDate>Sun, 04 Jun 2023 15:01:08 GMT</pubDate>

…looks like the following on the Newsblur site:

Note that the titles are the same, but the body of the item is completely different.

This seems to have been going on for quite a while (at least from May 2023). The W3.org RSS validator (W3C Feed Validation Service, for Atom and RSS) says the feed is in good shape. Is there some kind of caching collision happening?

you’ve set that feed to display the text, not the feed. change it at the bottom of the screen or right click for site settings