Occasional iPad app crash or deadlock on intro screen

I have an issue that happens occasionally with the iPad app. This is on an older iPad (MD405LL/A) with the latest iOS 9.3.2.

I start up the app and for a few seconds I see all of my feeds and headlines in the state they were in when I last used the app. After a bit though the app pops up the “Welcome” splash screen (I can’t remember exactly the title). I then have to page through various steps to import some sites (although no sites appear for me to add), connect to friends (more on this), and then get started. Once I click out of that (again, can’t remember exactly if it’s a “Get Started” button or whatever), the splash screen disappears and then… reappears again after a few seconds back at the beginning “Welcome” page.

The one difference is on the connect to friends page. Facebook and Twitter both appear on that page, I think, and then a switch about whether to import friends or not, which is on by default. If I leave it on and click Next up top, I get what I described above. If I click the switch to turn it off, the app crashes to the desktop.

think it may be related to the weird wifi connection at the airport (Boingo), because I’ve definitely noticed this problem when trying to sync my news before leaving on a flight. When I went to recreate it this morning on a regular home wifi connection, it didn’t happen.

Let me know know if I can provide any other information to help you fix this issue. Thanks for the great app! I find this bug annoying mainly because I like the app so much and like having it with me on the plane :slight_smile:

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