NYT blogs redirect in story view

This is more an oddity than a problem, but I’ve noticed that New York Times blogs bust out of story view and take over the entire screen. I just accessed this link – http://atwar.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/1… – and it directed me from NewsBlur, but I’ve noticed it with other NYT blogs as well. A simple push of the back button on my browser solves the problem, but I just thought I’d point out this behavior.


It’s unfortunate, but they employ an iframe buster. To which I employ an iframe buster buster, but my buster buster is only about 95% effective. The NYTimes and Twitter are both two big sites that do this and it causes an unending headache. Not much more I can do other than hope my buster buster returns quick enough to disable their iframe buster.

And a note for those wondering about the legality of iframe busting busting … I am immediately moving the user from the Original/Story view over to the Feed view, which should be in line with what these site’s Terms of Use dictate.